Port Rom In MTK Devices – Full MTK Porting Guide That Works 100%

Port Rom In MTK Devices – Full MTK Porting Guide That Works 100%

By: Harshit Tandon

If you are searching for easiest MTK Porting guide to port ROM in MTK devices but cannot find a trick that works, I am pretty sure that I can help you with this amazing MTK Porting trick disregard of whichever MTK device you are using.

This MTK ROM porting trick works everywhere.

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Guide To Port ROM – MTK Devices

This trick shall make sure that you can easily port rom in MTK devices without any problem at all.

But how do you do that?

Here is the trick to follow :

Why you should use this trick to port ROM in MTK Devices?

There are various reasons that I can tell you to use this trick and not any other trick, but most important reasons among those all are:

  1. You need not to have any source code at all.
  2. No need of having any kernel source.
  3. You don’t need Android kitchen either.
  4. Also, there is no requirement of linux if using this trick.

So what to do you need then?

Requirements to Port ROM – MTK Devices.

  1. Operaing system Windows XP onwards.
  2. WinRAR extractor.
  3. Stock ROM required

Using this trick you can do the following :

  1. Port from MTK6589 rom to MTK6582
  2. Port MTK6589 rom to MTK6577
  3. Port MTK6582 to MTK6589

Full Guide To MTK ROM Porting – Step By Step

  • Extract the ROM to port and you will have these main things:
  • If you have them then you are ready for next step.
  • Open /system folder of stock and rom to port.
  • Open bin folder of stock ROM and copy these files:
  • Now replace these files in ROM to Port‘s /System/Bin folder.
  • Open lib folder of Stock ROM and get these files:
  • Replace all the files mention above to ROM to Port‘s /system/lib folder.
  • Now open Stock ROM’s /system/etc/ folder and copy these files:
  • Now replace these files in ROM to port‘s /system/etc folder.
  • Delete these folders from ROM to Port:
  • Replace these folders from Stock ROM to ROM to Port:
  • Now go to the main folder where you have the Stock ROM. Copy boot.img from Stock ROM and replace it with the ROM to Port‘s.

More Information about ROM Porting

It is surely an amazing thing as it seems, but there is a problem which you must be aware of. If you don’t have proper knowledge of these kinds of stuffs, I wil advice yu to not do it because if done wrong, it may damage your smartphone and you will be in problem then.
You must do these steps on your own responsibility.
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