Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Check without an

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? New Trick Works 100%

By: Harshit Tandon

Can we really know who checked our fb profile? Is it possible to find who is viewing our facebook profile recently? Perhaps it is.

This new trick that I got to know is perhaps working and can allow you to check who views your facebook profile (app is not required in it.)

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How to know who views my FB profile?

Now this trick that I am going to tell you works on two conditions.

The first condition is that to check this, you need to log in to your facebook account and not through application. Please log in through some browser specially Mozilla firefox if you want this trick to work well.

And this trick works for some user, but you can give it a try.

Facebook trick to find who views your profile –

First of all, you need to launch your facebook account.

Now after logging in, you need to open your profile page.

When you open your profile page, the url is something like facebook.com/username.

Here, you have to right click and then select the view source option.

To check who views your profile, you need to first search for ‘initialchatfriends’ and then beside it, you will find a number. You can do this by pressing CTrL+F and typing, ‘initialchatfriends’ there, then you will get a number like 12102910, select it.

Now go to facebook.com/12102910 and use your own copied number

See the list of friends that have recently interacted with your profile.

It is not always accurate but it works good.


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