How to use Messenger without Facebook Account

How to use Messenger without Facebook Account

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How to use Messenger without Facebook Account: With  Facebook Messenger, users can take best messaging experience by connecting and expressing themselves with their various friends and contacts. Now David Marcus from the FB Messenger team announced that users in United States, Canada, Peru, India and Venezuela can use Messenger without Facebook account and that they will also separate messaging platform and social network and it will solve the major questions like can i use messenger if i deactivate facebook, can i use messenger if i deactivate facebook and can you use facebook messenger without facebook app. We have also got you backed up as we also have some tricks like you can know Who viewed my Facebook Profile ? and Auto Post to facebook Groups Script.

How to use Messenger without Facebook Account

Can we use Messenger without a Facebook Account?

With this major update, users can enjoy more as compared to the older version, as all the features that are available on Messenger like Photos, Videos, Voice and Video calling, stickers, group chat and much more have also updated. Due to launch of this major version users can use messenger without Facebook Account and will also know How to use Messenger without Facebook Account.

How to use Messenger without Facebook Account : Steps

Below we have given some steps by which facebook non user can also use messenger app on their smartphones on any platform.

How to use messenger without Facebook

  1. Firstly Download and Install Messenger.
  2. On the welcome screen of Messenger app, users will see an “Not on Facebook?” option.
  3. On this option, you can signup with your Name, Number and a photo
  4. Congrats! Now non-Facebook users can also take advantage of using the Messenger app.

As we already know that there are many benefits for the users those who have Facebook accounts, because they can easily sign up from Messenger. By this users can easily send message to their Facebook friends, family and contacts and they also take advantage of multi-device messaging across the web, mobile and tablets.

How to use Messenger without Facebook Account

Mark Zuckerberg  also announced that the update in the messenger  will let all the users in the U.S. to send and receive online payments. Users can now send direct money from their checking account to the bank accounts of their family and friends. For sending money users just have to click on dollar icon below the conversation and then type the amount of money according to their wish and need and then send it to your family and friends. The maximum time for the transaction to take place is approximately three days.

Just like this Facebook Lite is also very popular among Android smartphone users.

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