US Public Views on Gun Control

US Public Views on Gun Control – Survey Results

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US Public Views on Gun Control : In a recent survey it has been found that majority of United States citizens are now in favour of Gun Control. It’s not really shocking that The United States comes first in the list of countries that should ban guns. In 2016 there have been 9,470 guns homicides cases reported. That is why it is much important for the Government of USA to ban Guns in their country. There are many Countries where Guns are Illegal and because of that there has been a drop down in the homicides attacks.

As of now the public of USA support tougher laws for the control over gun and firearm sales. In the recent Poll of Gallup it has been shown that 55 % of United States citizens favor stricter gun control legislation which is an increase of 8% from the last year.

US Public Views on Gun Control - Survey Results

Gun control survey results

The Gallop gun control polls 2016 shows the difference of peoples mindset after the horrifying gun attacks in schools and public places. The support for gun control hiked immensely equally among gun owners and non-owners by the recorded percentage of 8. The Republicans registered a decline of 2% in favour of Gun Control in the US Assembly whereas Democrats supported the enforcement for Gun Control Law by 6% hike, while independents support rose by 11 percentage points.

Gun control survey results

Pew Gun Ownership Research Results

Pew research center gun violence has clearly showed in the Pew Research poll of September that around 85% of Americans favored background checking on the various private gun sales and gun show sales in their country. Donald J. Trump the new elected President of USA has also shown favourism in Gun Control Rules. Hopefully, Trump will issue new Gun Laws that will definitely show drop in homicides and terror attacks in the states.


Gun Control Polls 2016

Below given are the Gun Control polls  and gun control survey results, taken by Gallup from the citizens of United States of America. There were different gun control survey questions that were asked by the people.

Gun Control Polls 2016

2) United States Law policies on Guns and Firearms Poll 2016

Pew Gun Ownership Research Results


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