Trick To Book Tatkal Ticket Faster And Confirm

Trick To Book Tatkal Ticket Faster And Guaranteed

By: Harshit Tandon

This ‘ how to book tatkal ticket ‘ trick is the big secret of the ticket reservation industry which no one wants you to know. But here we are revealing this trick to you and also the sbi irctc quick pay method !. How do agents book confirm tatkal tickets so easily and 100% guaranteed? Let’s find out!

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How to book tatkal ticket faster and confirm guaranteed?

There are multiple tricks by which you can book a tatkal reservation ticket faster and confirm from IRCTC. Some of those types of ways are free ways whereas other ways are paid ways.

Now, if you are doing this for personal and have to book just a few IRCTC tickets, I’ll recommend you to use the free IRCTC reservation trick.

Free Trick To Book Tatkal Ticket Confirm Guaranteed.

This first trick is called – Autofill IRCTC reservation trick.

This trick helps you in booking a tatkal ticket so easy that you can’t even believe. For that, the first thing that you do is to visit a website named Ctrlq.Org. Here you will find a form in which you need to fill all the details of your ticket.

autofill for tatkal tickets

Click here to visit the website.

Steps to book IRCTC ticket faster :

  1. Early Morning, Visit the Autofill website – by the link provided.
  2. Fill the reservation form there.
  3. Click the button I’m feeling lucky.
  4. Now drag the magic autofill button to the bookmark bar of chrome.
  5. When the time starts, open IRCTC website and Log in there.
  6. Instead of filling the form, just click on the bookmark button that you had saved.
  7. Now for faster payment, create payment bookmark. Create bookmark for this address :
    javascript:function E(){ f0=document.forms[0];f0['userName'].value='USERNAME'; f0['password'].value='PASSWORD'; f0['Button2'].click(); }E()
  8. Replace username with your SBI netbanking username and password with SBI netbanking password.
  9. For payment, select SBI netbanking and then click on the bookmark button to login as fast as possible.
  10. That’s it ! Faster form input and faster payment is all you need to book IRCTC ticket fastly and confirm. Your ticket has been successfully booked.

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Paid Application To Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket.

This is the big secret. Industry doens’t want you to know about this trick of booking ticket. This software is called ‘New China’ tatkal ticket application. ‘New China’ app, amazingly, doesn’t require usual IRCTC login ID and password. It just need you to pay a license fees which are all regulated by ‘I don’t know who’!

In an investigation by IBN, they found that this application books tatkal ticket in less than 30 seconds!

Another such app named Softvalley Tatkal ticket application is in news for sometime.

Even though, there isn’t much information available about how these applications are regulated and who the agents are, it is definite that these applications can book tickets as fast as Jarvis follows Tony Stark!

May be you can download New china tatkal ticket application or you can download Softvalley tatkal ticket application from somewhere, but I am not sure if it will work or not.

Even though this is illegal, I guess, you can find these applications easily somewhere around you at some railway ticket booking agency. Ask them out and you can get it for yourself too!

Let me know about other ways that you know about this thing or any other trick to book tatkal ticket faster. Comment about anything that I may help you with.

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