How Do You Say Happy New Year In Spanish

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How do you say happy new year in Spanish: As, the New Year 2017 is around the corner most of us are pretty much excited for wishing Happy New Year to our friends, family, classmates, co-employees. So, usually we wish everyone by saying Happy New Year to them but in Spanish, it is said as Feliz año nuevo. There are many ways to wish happy new year in Spanish like to say a prosperous new year in Spanish it would be Próspero año nuevo Below we have given wishes for Happy New Year in Spanish language.

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How do you say New Year’s Day in Spanish

To say New year’s Day in Spanish one can say Día de Año Nuevo. There are many types of wishes by which people wish each other Happy New Year in Spain in which “Feliz año nuevo” is the most common but it is mostly used formally like “Próspero Año Nuevo”. So, people mostly say “Feliz año” while wishing each other new year. Although are not many ways to say Happy New Year’s day in Spanish but the greetings can be said and conveyed in many different types and that is by using different sort of New Year wishes which can be checked from the below given table.

How Do You Say Happy New Year In Spanish

How Do You Say Happy New Year In Spanish

New year’s Day

Día de Año Nuevo

Happy New Year’s Day

Día de Feliz año nuevo

Happy New Year Feliz año nuevo
New Year’s Greetings

Saludos de Año Nuevo

Prosperous new year

Próspero año nuevo

Happy New Year to you  feliz Año Nuevo para usted
 New Year Blessings  Bendiciones de Año Nuevo
 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  Feliz Navidad Feliz Año Nuevo
 Fortunate New Year  Feliz año nuevo
 Have a Happy New Year  Ten un feliz año nuevo
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