Online Jobs without Investment

Online Jobs without Investment

By: abhay12

So, it is the modern era and nobody is left behind in the online world. Almost every job is now done with the help of internet that is online. In this perspective, online jobs in our country are also growing at a pretty fast rate. Most of the people have moved to online world from offline. So, this is the best time to make money easily by starting an online job from home. There are many legitimate Online jobs without any investment which we have stated below.

Online Jobs which do not require Investment

There are many online jobs which do not require any sort of investment which can provide easy monthly pay up to Rs.20,000 to 40,000 which in the end depends on the person capability. So, let’s check out some of the best online jobs in which there is no need for any investment.

  • Online Captcha Solving Jobs :

This is the most interesting and emerging online job. In it, you’ll have to simply solve captchas to earn money. Captchas are puzzles like this which are required to solve for opening any account.


There are many companies which need their account on million of websites, so for that, they pay you to do this work by solving the captchas. 1000 captchas can be easily solved in 1 hour. For 1000 captchas company pays around $1-$2. So, if this job is done on multiple sites easy 10-15k can be earned without going from home.

  • Blogging Jobs :

Blogging is considered as the best online job which doesn’t require any investment. You have to create simple blogs on your website and then put ads like from Google Adsense on your blogs on every click you’ll get money or you can guest blog for which yo will get paid by the website.

Blogging Jobs

  • Google online Jobs :

Google Online job is a simple yet high earning job. Google online job is named as Google Opinion Rewards which can be done on android mobile too. In it you have to do online surveys, according to every survey Google will give credits and it will save on your Google Opinion Rewards App automatically. Later on, you can use these credits in Play store to buy products.

Google online Job

Note that : Google has placed a limit in Google Opinion Rewards which is particularly different for every country.

  • Clicking Ads Jobs :

This is the most simple online job in which you’ll have to simply click on ads to earn real money. The main motive by clicking ads is that there are many companies who put their ads on the internet and on very click they get money. So, they look out for people in which they give jobs to click on their ads. On every click, you’ll get paid by the company. To know more check out Hitleap Money Making Tricks 2016

Clicking Ads Jobs

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