Offcloud Premium Account

Offcloud Premium Account

By: abhay12

Today, in this article we will share information about Offcloud Free Premium Account. Offcloud is basically a cloud based download manger that enables you to unlock, fetch and backup anything and everything from the internet to your multiple devices or to your cloud storage. It initially offers its users a completely free starter pack that enables them to fetch upto 100 links including BitTorrent sources and 2cyberlocker. There are many similar cloud storage websites like  premium account for zbigz and Bytebx Premium Account which are offcloud alternatives.

offcloud premium account

What is Offcloud Free and Premium Account ? is a very simple online application that allows its users to pick up or fetch any data from the web and have it transferred and save to the three inbuilt destinations.

  • First destination is named ‘Instant’ it allows you to directly download any kind of data to your device.
  • Second one is ‘Cloud’ which will allow you to send the data to private cloud storage, by which you can access it at later.
  • Third one is called ‘Remote’ it allows you to transfer the data to third-party storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Offcloud works with any public HTML site ehisch is accessible via FTP, HTTP, HTTPS or BitTorrent and many other large selections of streaming and file hosting services websites.

OffCloud Premium Account Functions:

  • It can Unzip or unrar any archives without any download.
  • It saves any article off the web similar to Instapaper (Pocket HTML).
  • It can also convert any web page into a PDF document.
  • It generates MP3 music files from various streaming videos too.
  • It also grabs video files from streaming services.
  • Users can access their files hosted at cloud storage services.
  • Users can also remote upload anything to their cloud storage account.
  • Download any file using their amazingly fast proxy network.
  • Users can also retrieve their any sort of data from BitTorrent network too.

Features of Offcloud Premium Account 

  • Unlimited proxy bandwidth
  • Unlimited cloud space
  • Unlimited links generation
  • Video streaming sites
  • Pocket HTML & PDF conversion
  • BitTorrent links
  • Magnets
  • Unlimited remote uploads
  • Premium file hosting

How to use Offcloud Premium Account

  1. Firstly Click on Login Page
  2. Then after waiting for few seconds Login page will open.
  3. Now insert the details like your E-mail ID & Password.
  4. After that you’ll have to click on the sign in button.
  5. After that you can open your Offcloud Account.
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