new ways of converting black money to white money

New Ways of Converting Black Money to White Money

By: Harshit Tandon

So you want to know the new ways of converting black Money to white money : Just check out our latest ways by which you can know how to convert black money to white money without paying tax. Converting black money to white is very prevalent and common in today’s world and Ofcourse to terminate all the black money Indian Government Banned 500rs & 1000rs Notes . People in our country too use various illegal methods to convert their black money to white. In today’s article we will tell you some new ways to How to convert Black Money into White money.

Disclamer : Hiding money from Government to evade tax is illegal and we do not encourage tax payers to use any of the below methods.

What is Black Money ?

Black money is the illegal money earned deposited by one to himself to evade government taxes. It is the unaccounted money which is not revealed and put up in the book of accounts.

How to convert black money into white

How to convert black money into white

This is the most important and emerging query in the mind of peoples. So, to answer that we have some Solution by which you can convert black money into White money. these below given ways and reasons are mostly for Businessmen, and commoners.

1) How to convert black money into white through bank

This is a golden trick which businessmen and companies can do to convert the black money without getting caught. This trick is quite easy and it will also allow conversion of illegally earned money.

How black money is converted?

  • To offload your illegal cash give your money to your Relative or known who is cash-deficit, now he will transfer the amount into his Bank account. No questions can be asked as it is his money
  • Your relative or known person must remember to deposit the money in intervals like depositing money up-to 1 lakh in a day.
  • Now after that your relative will issue a cheque in favour of you, this transfer will be shown as loan or advance against property.
  • Remember, as it is a loan then it should be repaid to your relative, reasons are that as you took the loan you must pay it (in the eyes of government). Issue a cheque in favour of your relative with “loan principal” is “repaid” with all the charges.
  • Now, the final step : Your relative will withdraw the amount that you deposited in the form of New 2000 Rupees Notes issued by the govt body and will pay you in cash. This will be considered as 100 % pure white money.

How to convert black money into white through bank

2) How to convert black money into white through trust

It is another way to convert the black money into white. In this method people who have black money formulate their money into charity or various social welfare trusts. By this way they not only learn how to hide black money but also they convert their black money into white. For, this you’ll have to do start a charity of your own and deposit the money in the account of trust and after some time you can withdraw it back.

How to convert black money into white through trust

3) How to convert black money to white money rtgs

RR method: This method is a one of the professional tricks to utilise black money and then transfigure into white money.

  • Money can be metamorphose by either of the ways 1) Investment Method ( ID Process ) 2)  Unsecure Loan  3)  RR Method
  • This method includes taking money from the illegal money holder under the table (through Angadia or second channel), then it is transferred back to the person by taking bit of commission.

How to convert black money to white money rtgs

4) Depositing Black Money on name of Family members

This method is the easiest of all by which you can bifurcate your money into family members account this also comes under the trick of modus operandi.

  • Open Bank Account of your every family member (in different banks).
  • Once, the account is opened, let them deposit the amount in their bank.
  • Do not deposit bulk amount, amount should be below 1 lakh (not more than that).

Depositing Black Money on name of Family members

 Best Ways to convert illegal money to legal money

There are many ways to convert the illegal (black money) into white money (legal money). These method are basically used to evade tax and for that people store their hard cash in their bank locker, suitcases, hide at their offices and many more. Lets discuss the top methods to convert black money into white money.

  • Money Laundering Techniques : Money Laundering Techniques for Tax evasion are the best techniques to evade tax and converting your illegal money.

Basically money laundering includes three stages 1) Placement 2) Layering 3) Integration by a set of people in which money is transferred into multiple accounts ultimately resulting in white money. Check the below points and techniques to understand better.

 Best Ways to convert illegal money to legal money

  1. Hawala Route :  In this method some amount of money (cash) is transferred or given by one person to another which is ultimately transferred to other person who lives in foreign country. Its like a donation and then the money is being transferred to the Person’s account who was the owner of the cash in the form of Dollars/Pounds/euro (as a way of FDI). He can also use that money by investing in shares and properties abroad.
  2. Bogus Loan Entry : In this entry a person will gift an amount to other for example: a cheque of Rs. 10 lakh is gifted to the relative, he than cashes it and then transfer it to the same person who gifted him the cheque.
  • Showing Income as Agriculture Income : Showing income as agricultural income is also a very popular method to illegal money into genuine Agricultural income. In it multiple crops are being grown on a lease land and after that the various crops are cultivated and sold, now the black money is staggered up in multiple pieces and shown it (addition of crops income + black money) to the govt body in the form of agricultural income which will be considered as white money.
  • Showing Cash Income from Profession : Showing money earned professionally will also be considered as white money. Income from commission, tuition fees and professional fees can be shown in the IRT to show your black money as legitimate.

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