MESH topology advantages and disadvantages – Mesh network pros cons

MESH topology advantages and disadvantages – Mesh network pros cons

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MESH topology advantages and disadvantages – This article covers information about Mesh topology definition, types of mesh topology, Mesh topology diagram, Mesh topology logical characteristics, advantages of mesh topology and disadvantage of mesh topology.

What is Mesh Topology or Mesh Network Topology?

A network of computer which has all the nodes or computer ends connected to each other is called Mesh Topology Network. There are various advantages and disadvantages of Mesh Topology Network which we’ll talk ahead. But before that, let us talk about some of the basic characteristics of Mesh Topology Network.

Basic Characteristics of Mesh Topology Network

  • The value of fully meshed networks is proportional to the exponent of the number of subscribers.
  • All nodes are interconnected in a Fully Connected Mesh Topology Network.
  • This is called complete graph when said according to graph theory.
  • There are two method of creating a Mesh topology network – Fully connected Mesh Topology Network and Partially Connected Mesh Topology network.
  • There is no need of  packet switching or broadcasting in a fully connected Mesh Topology Network.
  • For large networks, fully connected Mesh Network is not viable.
  • The partially connected Mesh topology network has at least one node to which all other nodes are connected, sometimes, some nodes are connected to more than one node either.

Mesh Topology Advantages

What are the advantages of Mesh Topology?

  1. We can easily transfer data from one node to another without any problem.
  2. The Mesh Topology can handle more traffic than other topology.
  3. Failure of one node or system doesn’t affect the whole network and other computer keep working.
  4. One node can be removed or modified without any affect on the whole network.

Mesh Topology Disadvantages

  1. The cost of Mesh topology is higher than any other network topology.
  2. High and extreme chances of redundancy
  3. Maintenance is a little complicated than other networks.

Types of Mesh Topology

  1. Partially Connected Mesh Network Topology.
  2. Fully Connected Mesh Network Topology.

Mesh Network Topology – Related Topics

  1. Star bus hybrid topology

    A hybrid topology is a type of network topology in which there are more than two types of network topologies connected. The various types of network topologies invlude bus topology, ring topology, mesh topology, star topology and tree topology.

  2. Point to point topology advantages

    Some of the advantages of Point to Point topology are – better connectivity among nodes, direct connection which enables higher rate of transfer, Simple but efficient network topology and it enables less problem because of point to point connectivity thus being independent of various node problems.

  3. Partial mesh topology benefits

    Some of the benefits of Partial mesh topology are – efficiency, lower costing the fully connect mesh topology, less complications in administration and some other benefits.

  4. Mesh topology logical characteristics

    Check about detailed logical characteristics of all topologies here at Study.Com

Quick link – Bus Network Topology Advantage and Disadvantage – Wikipedia

All types of network topology

  • Point-to-point network topology
  • Bus network topology
    • Linear bus network topology
    • Distributed bus network topology
  • Star network topology
    • Extended star network topology
    • Distributed Star network topology
  • Ring network topology
  • Mesh network topology
    • Fully connected network topology
    • Partially connected network topology
  • Hybrid network topology
  • Daisy chain network topology


What is a computer network?

A computer network is a network of several end computers called nodes which enables the nodes to share their resources with each other thus making it a network or interconnect working system. The system than allows them to do this is called a data link and the computers are interconnected to form a computer network using either wireless connectivity or wire-cable connectivity.

Mesh Topology Diagram and Picture Explanation


full mesh topology diagram picture

full mesh topology diagram picture

partial mesh topology diagram - 1

Partial Mesh Topology Diagram Picture

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