Make Money with VPS

Make Money with VPS | Methods and Tricks

By: abhay12

Make Money with VPS : VPS is known as Virtual Private Server it is machine that is virtually sold by Internet Hosting Service Providers. VPS has its own own copy of OS (Operating System) on which it runs. A VPS is basically hosted by a third-party web hosting provider, so it is considered as particularly off-site. Virtual Private Server’s customers install and run any software that they like on the particular VPS Operating System.

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To Make Money with VPS

We will tell you the best and latest method, by which you can earn thousands of dollars easily without any dilemma or complication with only one time low investment . Lets’s checkout what requirements you’ll need for making money by VPS.

Requirements Needed for the process 

To make money with VPS you’ll have to invest a little bit, but making money using this method is very easy and is absolutely sure shot, you can cover your money easily within one month, so don’t worry folks. ?

  • Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server

How to Make Money with VPS ? : Steps

Follow the below given steps in order to earn money by VPS. Easy step by step is given which is very easy to understand.

  • Buy a domain and Web Hosting or Blog

In the first step you’ll have to buy a domain (a .com is much preferred ). Buying Domain is quite easy and can buy from many domain sites cheaply. Also, you can Make a Web host or WordPress blog and write an effective blog on it and add some ads on it. It will definitely, create some money out of it.

  • Buy a VPS

After buying Domain and hosting or making a WP blog you’ll have to buy a VPS (windows). The costing of VPS servers basically differs from company to company. The better the configuration the higher will be the price. Linux or SSD servers are better as they are easy to use and do not crash much.

  • Apply for Ads on your site or blog

After buying a VPS you’ll have to add ADs on your site or WP blog, in order to earn money from VPS. For that you’ll have to add WordPress on your domain (if you haven’t bought WP domain already). After post some quality articles on your Site or blog. After that you can apply for Ads on your site.

There are many Ad companies which provides ads on your site like :

  1. Pop Cash
  2. Exo Click
  3. Pop Ads
  4. Ad Cash

hitleap traffic

  • Selling Traffic on your site

After this download and install Hitleap an run its software on your VPS server. Set the visiting time around 10-20 seconds. Now add URL of the articles that you’ve added on your blog and run the software. Hitleap runs 24×7 which will get traffic for your website.

  • Collect your Money ?

Traffic generated by running Hitleap software on your VPS servers will get your site a visit of 10 seconds which means you’ll get around 8640 impressions daily which automatically will land you minimum of $ 24 daily, $ 168 a week and $ 720 per month. By this you can clearly Make money with VPS.

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