How to Keep your New Years Resolution

How to Keep your New Years Resolution

By: abhay12

How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution:  New Year is around the corner and like every year the talk of keeping resolutions have started. It is that time of the year when everyone starts making a new year resolution for themselves. It’s the promises that we make to ourselves before the 1st January and as we all know most of these resolutions didn’t reach until February. So, in order to keep your resolutions alive, check out the below given tips for making resolutions stick.

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How to Keep your New Years Resolution

Most of the people make their new year resolutions in order to stick to them but it’s kind of hard to keep the new year’s resolution. Following these tips, you will learn how to make a resolution in a meeting. Some of the common new year resolutions are:

  • Save Money
  • Learn Something new
  • Get healthy and fit
  • Quitting alcohol
  • Travel new places

So, if you’re also thinking to keep a resolution this year, then don’t worry just check out these tips to keep the new year resolution.

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Tips for keeping New Year Resolutions

  • New year goal setting worksheet

This is quite a simple and low-tech way to stick to your resolution. In this method you just have to write the things that you promised yourself that you’ll do this year and after each day just check the boxes that you did in the day.

  • Keep your resolutions simple

Most of the time people try to overhaul their lifestyle but due to complex promises to themselves, they fail miserably. It’s clearly understandable that people take resolutions in order to improve themselves but it should be remembered by all of us that nobody can achieve everything at once. Hence, the best thing to do is to keep the focus on the important things rather than everything.

  • Use mobile reminders

As we have access to technology then why shouldn’t we use it properly? Using Reminders of a mobile phone can come handy to remind your resolution whenever you “forget” it. Various web calendars such as Google calendars and Microsoft calendars can be used to set up a reminder for your resolution.

For example: If you want to be healthy you can set your reminder to go to a gym in the morning and your reminder will remind you that. See… it’s that simple!

  • Divide your resolution into steps

So, if you have kept a large resolution like organizing your whole house from top to bottom, then you should divide it into baby steps. Like in the first week try to organize your dining area followed by kitchen, hall, bedroom & bathroom etc.

  • Do not Give up!

The last method includes that you should not give up easily on your promises. Not everything is a piece of cake, it needs sheer thinking and mindset that you’ll achieve your goal. Hence, do not give up that easy and remember you can achieve your goals.

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