how to change snapchat username

How to Change Snapchat Username

By: Harshit Tandon

Snapchat is a world renown social networking famous app that runs on AndroidiOS and PC Windows. Snapchat is famous because of its unique interface and the output it provides via its new snapchat filters and Lenses. The users on snapchat who are thinking their username should know that there is not any specific button in the app that makes your username changed like you can do on other social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram etc.

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How to change Snapchat Display Name?

All the other tutorials and hacks like delete your snapchat account and create a new Snapchat account won’t work and will prove to be wasting your time. However, there is a simple process by which you can change your username. For that, you’ll have to create a new username for yourself. To do that just follow the below given instructions –

Steps to change Username on Snapchat

In order to get a new username for your snapchat account, you’ll have to follow these simple steps –

Step 1: Open Snapchat by clicking on the app’s icon which is a white ghost with a yellow background.

Step 2:  Swipe down the top of the screen, to access your profile page.

Step 3: Select the settings by clicking on the ⚙️ button.

Steps to change Username on Snapchat

Step 4: Logout your account.

Step 5: After logging out, tap on Sign Up. Fill the needed details but remember to use a different email address as the old one is already used for your old account. (This email can be changed later).

Step 6: Now Swipe down to access your profile page.

Snapchat Username


Step 7: Click on Add Friends option. Now tap on *Add from Contacts*.

Step 8: Tap on Continue which is at the bottom of the screen.

change Username on Snapchat

Step 9: Now click Ok. This will allow you to access your contacts.

Step 10: After this, your address book will get loaded you can add whoever have Snapchat Username under their name from the list.

Step 11: Now Log Out this account and Log In back into your old account. Open your Profile Page.

Step 12: Click My Friends and tap on any user to open their username. You can either take a screenshot of their username or write them down so that you can add them back. Skip those whom you have already added to your new account as they were in your address book. Snapchat

Step 13: Log Out this account and Log In into your new account. Swipe down and open your profile page.

free snapchat

Step 14: Now tap Add Friends > Add by Username.

Step 15: You’ll have to manually add rest of your friends by entering their username.

If you do not want to manually add all your friends you can also post your snapchat username or snap code on various social networking sites. As soon as they will add you can see them in your Added Me section of your profile.

After adding all you friends you can delete your old account and you can change your email address to the old one if you want after deleting the account.

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