How Does Touch id Work

How Does Touchid Work

By: abhay12

Touch ID Apple is the creation of Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. Touch ID made a remarkable revolution in the way people unlock their devices. It is the Home button of the iPhone, iPad (and MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar sensor) by which users can unlock their device,  make purchases from the iTunes store, use Apple Pay and log into the apps of the device. Touch ID lets your device identify who you are, just by a single touch of your finger or thumb instead of the mechanical switch. This is really magical the way you can easily unlock your device by just a simple touch plus the security of the device also increase by this feature. Today we will discuss how the touch ID works.

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What is Touch ID?

Touch ID was first seen on the Apple iPhone 5S and is now being implemented on all its devices not only Apple but other Android phones are also seen with the same Touch ID support in the handsets. This support system was firstly only used in the business world and was widely ignored by the consumers but after knowing its features like Apple pay and others consumers tendency towards this Biometric ID solution was taken seriously.

The only con of this solution is that it’s not perfectly secure. Phil Dunkelberger CEO of Nok Nok Labs said “You know your password, but so does the service you’re using it with. This means that these databases are a very attractive target for hackers looking to compromise millions of accounts.”

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Features of Touch ID

Touch ID not only saves your extra time to unlock your device but also by this your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or Mac recognizes you and provides various facilities like authorize purchases, touch id app lock, unlock devices, provide access to the password for banking apps, and much more without any hassle.

How Does Touchid Work

Note: Touch ID works on iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 or later, and all Touch Bar-enabled Macs.

How does Touch ID work?

Touch ID is basically a capacitive ring located around the Touch ID sensor which is a system that is used for quick authentication of a fingerprint of the user of the iOs devices. When a user touches its finger on the sensor, it marks a high- resolution image of the impression which is converted into a mathematical representation, which is transmitted to secure enclave by the hardware channel. If the image matches the image in the enclave then a “Yes” token will be released and the action will be authenticated whereas if the image does not match (“No” token) then a  digital shake will be released by which the device will not authentic any actions.

Cracking Touch Id is extremely difficult to hack as compared to the 4 digit passcode (5 times more in the case of iOS devices). The Fingerprint sensor is gaining quite a recognition among the iOs users. Apple’s Touch ID works greatly and delivers swift biometric recognition.

The Silver ring around the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is not only for show, it is actually a capacitive sensor and provides amazingly fast authentication to the user. The Touch ID’s sensor is 170 microns thin and scans the image at 500ppi

How to add your Touch ID fingerprints on iOS?

To set up Touchid users will need to create a passcode for their device. Follow the below steps to set up Touch ID:

  • Before starting, make sure that your home screen and your fingers are clean and dry.
  • Tap SettingsTouch ID & Passcode, enter your desired or existing passcode.

How to add your Touch ID fingerprints on iOS

  • No click on Add a Fingerprint after that you’ll have to add your fingerprint.

What is Touch ID?

  • Slightly Touch the Home Button with your finger or thumb. Hold it until you feel a quick vibration or until you get a message on the screen to lift your finger.
  • You’ll have to do this process for few times as the Sensor stores the image of your fingerprint in its enclave.
  • As soon as the process is complete you can unlock your device with the finger by simply touching the sensor.

Touch id


You can enroll up to five fingerprints in your iDevice.

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