How do I Get CPR Certified for Free

How do I Get CPR Certified for Free

By: abhay12

An emergency situation can happen anytime and nobody would like and hope to face this situation. But one must always stay prepared to face a situation like this. That is why it is very important that a person should know CPR and first aid in case any emergency happens. CPR is a life saving method that can save many lives if people know how to do it. People do not realize the importance of CPR certification until they face a life threatening situation themselves. An emergency never comes telling you, one might never face it but for others, it may happen more than once in his/her life. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or what your age is as getting CPR certified is a necessity and it may come handy at anytime.

What is CPR Certification?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). It is a first aid skill which is used to save lives of the victims of a cardiac arrest. This situation takes place due to the disruption in the electrical activity of the heart which makes the victim unconscious and his breathing stops too.

If prompt first aid treatment is not given at time then a cardiac arrest can be fatal.

How to Get CPR Certified for Free

Why should I learn CPR?

It is very important to learn CPR as a cardiac arrest is one of the causes of sudden death worldwide. From, a survey, it has been shown that more than 1 million people around the word died due to sudden cardiac arrest. Every single minute without CPR for a sudden cardiac arrest victim reduces his chances of survival chances by 10%. The situation becomes very critical for the victim. The treatment of cardiac arrest includes CPR on sight and after that defibrillation ( an electrical shock to the heart of the patient).

How to Get CPR Certification for Free

There are many CPR institutions and online websites where you can take CPR class for free and they will provide with the certification which is valid for 2 years. Most of the websites and institutions give free classes but charge money for the certificates. For that, a website named Learncpronline gives free online classes and also it provides free certification of CPR to their learners.

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