How To Hack Server Sided Games And Android Apps?

How To Hack Server Sided Games And Android Apps?

By: Harshit Tandon

Warning : This post isn’t meant to be anything illegal. It’s just for tutorial. There’s nothing illegal about it.

So today we will learn how to hack server sided android games like hacking ultimate teenpatti or hacking other server based games. But can you hack these games that easily? Yes, you can hack engine app for online games purchasing by our trick. Also check – game guardian rootgame guardian root downloadgame guardian apk old versiongame guardian apk download

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Hacking Server Sided Games

Before we talk about how, let’s first talk about some basics first :

Can Server sided android games be hacked?

There are many free in app purchases server based games and free in app purchases android root server based but a client-server game could be a quite complicated system. It means it positively has vulnerabilities. however if the protections on all levels square measure created professionally and well tested, it’ll take just about quantity of your time and efforts to search out those vulnerabilities and/or create use of them. it’ll additionally need a extremely masterly engineer to be concerned (meaning, it’s fully inaccessible to a typical player).

Also skilled game developers square measure typically obtaining ready to the things that their system got hacked even despite of all their protections. which suggests, that the foremost important systems may be in addition protected. as an example they will be mechanically supervised and therefore hacking tries are detected and dealt consequently.

So the short answer is: affirmative, they will be hacked, however it happens comparatively rare in business quality games (for example our Elemental Heroes has not been hacked nevertheless, however we have a tendency to had noticed varied tries therefore far).

There is additionally a form of actions typically classified as exploitation that typically means that – use of exploits (game bugs) like biological research things on trades, inadequately quick coaching, endless rewards when single time completed quests, etc. every of them will break in-game economy or combat balance or perhaps each and developers can ought to waste their time dig into logs, restoring databases from backups, spoken communication unhealthy words etc.

Those aren’t truly hacks and frequently may be employed by hardcore (or even simply lucky) players. Those issues happen way more usually, and also the developers ought to keep their eyes wide open on the various metrics in their virtual worlds, to observe such issues in-time.

So here is the issue – After reading this, what’s going in your mind?

So how to hack in app purchases in Server sided games then?

To hack in-app purchases, you don’t need to actually hack the game at all. So what we need to do here is that we need to find out a little bit about what are the ways people use to hack in app purchases in android games?

Here are some of these kinds of tools you can use :

How to hack server sided games with cheat engine?

For any kind of server-side game, the best option would to be using Cheat Engine, where you can manipulate client-memory in real time. There are various games out there which don’t think to have these kinda threats and so have no security for this stuff. You can attempt cheat engine for those kinda server sided game hacks.

If you are incredibly good at programming and know well about the way an android app works and specifically how the specific game that you want does work, you can also attempt DLL Injection into your game client.

Another alternate is this one -You can look into altering the data/packets sent back and forth between you (the client) and the game (the server). If the server doesn’t perform sufficient validation checks, there could be an opportunity to hack here as well. If the game is run over HTTP/HTTPS, then you can use an intercepting proxy such as Burp Suite.

To begin with, search for Cheat Engine guides on Google, as that could be your first start. Next, look into how DLL Injection works for games such as Counter Strike.

Source – Quora

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