google allo vs whatsapp

Google Allo vs Whatsapp

By: abhay12
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Google’s much gossiped about instant messaging app Allo is finally launched. Allo is the second part of Google’s instant messaging series plan and the Google Duo is one of it, Duo is basically a video calling app.

There are a number of instant messaging apps in the messaging market, with the different & various features to make messaging easy & enjoyable. The Allo is mostly same as WhatsApp and obviously, that’s Allo is designed by the WhatsApp. After all, it is the world’s top messaging app. And people first choose whatsapp for instant messaging; hence that’s why Google has launched Allo App.

Google Allo & Duo had announced at Google I/O May-2016. While Google launched Duo first on August 2016, The Company has launched Google Allo for the platform iOS / Android. It is a new instant messaging app that enables you to do more via Google search during conversation than just doing messaging. Google Allo allow you to do more like searching movies ticket to check out, search restaurants near you & sharing video all during a conversation without leaving it. It is a phone number based app which is available at Play store for free.

While, the Google Allo has been come in the market, so the whatsapp need to be worry:-

Similarity between Google Allo vs Whatsapp

By design and look the Allo is more interesting than whatsapp, there are various similarities between both apps. Like both app need mobile no. to activation, which simply means you are able to use same no. for two Allo accounts. Allo & Whatsapp both app are can be used to send voice messages, share images, videos, and stickers.

Both apps allow user to doodle over the images via pen tool. But, it has to admit that in the term of stickers the Allo App is richer with a large no. of stickers packs to pick from. The both apps enable you for quick reply notification, but in the case of Allo app, it will not allow user to type a reply. The Google Allo App use your writing method & the built in messages for notification reply like, “someone message you how are you? The Allo app sends them message I am good!.” And it will also provide an option to choose one from the built-in messages to reply them even delete or mute them.

Differences between Google Allo & Whatsapp

There are a various feature which makes a big difference between Google Allo & Whatsapp. One of the features is Google Assistant that enables you to do more via Google search during conversation than just doing only messaging. Google Allo Assistant allow you to do more like searching movies ticket to check out, search restaurants near you & sharing video all during a conversation without leaving it. Basically, helps you to make plans.

While end-to- end encrypted chat are available in both apps, but google allo app allows you for selective conversation through incognito mode, by enabling incognito mode, even a Google is not able to read your conversation, lack of this feature is that you can’t able to use other allo features like Google Allo Assistant & Smart Ready features. While after some time the secret conversation (conversation during incognito mode) will delete. Once you over a conversation that chat will expire and it will disappear, you can also set time for secret conversation for deletion.

Whisper Shout is another feature makes allo app more impressive. In the whatsapp you can only type your text in bold, italics, strikethrough. While in allo app, it allows the user to increase the size of a message who wants more than ALL CAPS to represent volume in their text. Means the user can decrease & increase the size of the text.

And the lacking feature in Google Allo is video calling. In whatsapp the user can do video call directly from it by using the internet, but in allo app this feature is missing, it allows user to do video call via Google’s other app Hangout, that is available in the google allo app.

WhatsApp or Google Allo

In the term of cool feature, functionalities, and design, the allo  appear to better. Otherwise, the whatsapp is most popular app for chatting in the worls, so it has advantage. Everyone is using, in sence you can find everyone on it. And Allo has to be Worry about it cause it is big problem.

Mostly people chat with other people via apps, they might be use Google Allo App, but in case they don’t find there friend on it, they will continue to use whatsapp and whatsap will rule to roost. It is also depends google how fast they bring user on Allo to use it.

But obviously, Google Allo App is well made.

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