How to use Google Allo in Incognito mode

How to use Google Allo in Incognito mode

By: abhay12

How to use Google Allo in Incognito mode: Google Allo the brand new and much awaited messaging app of Google has been finally released today by Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) in California. The app is surely worth talking as it is giving us some amazing features which we haven’t seen yet on any social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  So, today we will talk about Google Allo special feature which Google Allo Incognito mode.

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How to use Google Allo in Incognito mode : Steps

To start a chat in Incognito mode follow these steps:

  • Open Allo app in your smartphone.
  • Tap on New ChatNew chat then click on Start Incognito chat Incognito mode.
  • Select the person from the contact list with whom you want to start the Incognito chat. Message them and your chat will start.
  • Set the timer according to you.
  • There you go. Enjoy incognito mode at Allo.

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Set your messages to expire :

Using the Allo Incognito mode, your messages will start to disappear after a fixed period of time that you’ll set. The default time for incognito chatting is 1 hour but you can set it as per your wish.

Steps to set message Expiry time in Incognito mode:

  • Open Google Allo app.
  • Tap on New ChatNew chat then click on Start Incognito chat Incognito mode.
  • Set the Timer Timer given on the to right hand side.
  • Set the timings.
  • There are different timings to set. You can set visibility of message for sender and receiver both with different time.

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If you want to download Google Allo for your device go on DOWNLOAD GOOGLE ALLO FOR ANDROID & IOS

This, is how you can use Incognito mode in Google Allo App in your mobile phone.

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