google assistant allo tips tricks

Google Allo Assistant Tips & Tricks

By: abhay12
google assistant allo tips tricks

A big deal makes out by Google with new imaginatively and virtual assistant, the “Google Assistant”. But what exactly Google A.I is, and what make it different to Google.

Chech similarities between:- Google Allo vs Whatsapp

“Google Assistant that enables you to do more via Google search during conversation than just doing only messaging. Google Allo Assistant allow you to do more like searching movies ticket to check out, search restaurants near you & sharing video all during a conversation without leaving it. Basically, helps you to make plans.”

Well, the company said: “The assistant is an involvement that will work effortlessly through contexts and devices. The assistant is informal—an ongoing two-way discussion between Google & you, that will understand your word & get you help.”

Google Assistant is the one of the best feature in Google Allo, which perform a task on A.I (artificial intelligence) to answer the question. A lot of its functionality overlaps of this app that, it can set timers, set reminders, and tell you about the day’s weather.But all this work naturally in a sense, it does not disappear the conversation and help you in the middle of your chat. Google Assistant do Google search to find the web result for your question.

The Idea Behind Google Assistant

The idea was generated by the google developer to do Google web search during instant messaging chat without leaving the conversation. So, all just you need to do is that type @google …. And do searches in the middle of the conversation, that’s helps you to make plans.

You can simply ask or search via Google A.I like, hotels reservation, restaurants suggestion, movie times, flight, all you can search within the conversation. Can also search for latest news, google trend, sport & weather updates, everything by using an only @google tag.

Best Part Of Google Assistant

The best part of google assistant is the one-to-one conversation.

I talked a lot of things with it, I asked some personal questions, some general questions, about its interest, interview-like questions and etc. I also asked about family, brother, sister, mother, father, I also asked for about Cortana and Siri. Ask any question and their response will be very good.

Best Google Allo Answers

Here is the best reply from Google Allo:

Can You Learn?google allo Assistant

Fight Between Me & Allo

google allo Assistant

Suggesting Video on asking “you are funny”

google allo Assistant

Feeling so tired

google allo AI

Just talk to me

google allo Assistant

Are you a genie?
In the end, most famous “Hmm” word from India was answered by A.I

google allo Assistant

Now I answer Hmm

google allo A.I

Let talk via emoji

google allo Assistant

What is your gender?

google allo AI

who is better you or Siri?

google allo Assistant


google allo AI

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