Easy magic tricks to do at home : Tricks

Easy magic tricks to do at home : Tricks

By: abhay12

Easy magic tricks to do at home: Everybody loves magic and they have the curiosity to learn magic tricks by which they can amuse people. Magic is one of the oldest arts in the world. Magic has been a way to entertain, shock and amuse people. That’s why each one of us has a feeling to learn magic. So, guys, today I’ll be telling you some Easy magic tricks to do at home. It is quite similar to the  Mind Reading Magic Tricks.

How to do magic tricks for beginners : Easy magic tricks

We are just going to tell you to tell you some of the Easy magic tricks to do at home. Just check the simple card trick below.

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The Clipped Card

Step 1 – Introduction

Cards tricks are one of the most exciting and amusing magic tricks. People love card tricks as they are quick to do too. So, I’ll tell you a simple magic trick which is done by cards. So, in this trick, you show your viewers five cards and ask them to remember the position of the middle card which should be queen. Now, you turn around all the five cards and ask your viewers to put a clip on the middle card that is queen. Most of the viewers will clip the middle card. But when you turn around the cards, it will show that the paper clip is nowhere near the queen. There is no real secret in this trick. It happens because when you turn the cards their placements get changed due to flipping of the cards.

Materials Needed for trick: Five playing cards, glue and a paper clip.

You have to select five cards with one that contrasts against the others. Here, we have chosen a red queen to reside in the center among four black number cards.

Preparation for the trick: Glue the cards to each other as shown in the picture. Make sure that the contrasting card is in the middle.

Display the group of cards to your viewer and tell him to remember the location of the queen.

magic tricks to do at home

Step 2 – Ask him to Clip the Queen

Turn the cards around and ask the viewer to clip the queen using the paper clip. (Most viewer will clip the middle card.

Easy magic tricks to do

Step 3 – The Revelation

When you round the cards around, the viewer will find that they have not clipped the queen.

magic tricks to do at home

Step 4 – Show What’s Happening

Just for enjoyment, if you like, you can actually clip the queen to show the paper clip’s location on the back side of the cards.

Easy magic tricks to do

Step 5 – Disorienting

The position of the overlapped queen is not where you would expect it to be.

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