Countries where Guns are Legal

Countries where Guns are Legal

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Countries where Guns are Legal : Bearing a gun by a civilian is a pretty much important as well as fragile topic to talk on. The topic of having a gun by civilians is divided by two parts viz. 1) Countries where Guns are Legal 2) Countries where Guns are Illegal. There are many countries that have Gun Ban Laws in there country which makes crimes Commited by Concealed  Carry holder under control. Many people believe that civilians should have a right to own a gun or firearm for their personal protection whereas some people believe that is unsafe.

There are many countries in the world where owning a gun or firearm is totally legal. Let’s check out some of these countries which are considered as best countries for gun owners. 

Top 3 countries where guns are legal

Below is the list of top 10 countries where owning a gun has been made legal by their country’s government. This means that civilians can own a gun for themselves.

 United States of America


The United States is at the top position for making it legal to own a gun for any citizen. Any United States citizen is allowed to own a firearm for himself as per Constitution of USA. America’s founding fathers added Gun Legal Law in there constitution on the basis of influence of Old English Bill Rights in which it is written that “any citizen has a right to own a gun for his personal protection”. In US there are some places where you cannot carry guns, these are known as “Gun Free Zones” which can be seen in Gun Control Polls 2016. Other than that anyone can take or use Firearm for his own safety in this free country. It has also been seen that some are in favour of Gun Law and some are not which makes it totally difficult to amend the Law.



Canada has been registering the gun control voices by their citizens. Currently there are some weapons which hare restricted like Semi-Automatic Guns, Hand Guns and grenade. Unrestricted weapons include Hunting guns and rifles. As of there is no law for Gun Ban is Canada but due to people urge to ban guns, there may be ban on firearms.

Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia has a very different and confusing laws regarding the ownership of Guns. You can have a gun in your home by taking the gun ownership licence by the government but to take that weapon out of your house you will need another gun licence. So, because of that it becomes pretty difficult to buy guns after taking licences, that has made Saudi Arabia a very complacent home for black market of guns. People just buy guns from the black market and than take licence for that gun. Any citizen with gun ownership licence can own a AK47 in Saudi Arabia.

Countries with gun control vs countries without

Countries that ban guns

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