Countries where Guns are Illegal

Countries where Guns are Illegal | Countries that ban guns

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Countries where Guns are Illegal : The debate over gun control or keeping guns with you in the United States didn’t happened in vacuum. It’s not really shocking that The United States comes first in the list of countries that should ban guns. In 2016 there have been 9,470 guns homicides cases reported. That is why it is much important for the Government of USA to ban Guns in their country. Not only America but these Gun homicides have also been reported in many other countries. Unlike USA there are many other countries which took step to make Guns illegal in their country.

Countries that ban guns

It would be not wrong if the statements shown in CNN international stands correctly on their quote “Due to playing Aggressive video games children are suffering from mental health problems” which has resulted sky-high gun murder rate and frequent public shooting massacres in all over the world. That’s why number of countries have taken a strong step by imposing Gun Control Rules in their countries.

List of countries that have banned guns

There are number of countries that have ban guns.  Let’s checkout about them in detail.

  • The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom it is illegal to own a gun or firearm on your own. This can be said to be a immensely great step by the Government of UK to ban Guns in their country. Although The UK govt. has allowed permits but are extremely rare. The only exception in the Gun Control Act is that single-shot long firearms with either rifled barrels and old musket which are used for hunting. Having an illegal possession of a gun in United Kingdom is a punishable offence which will result in jail for 5 years and a fine too.

  • Australia 

On April 28, 1996 a gunman in Port Arthur, Tasmania killed 35 people and wound 23 people which resulted in the addition of the Gun Control Law in Australia. In Australia civilians are not allowed to possess any firearm or gun. Guns like automatic and semi-automatic, loading pump actions and hand grenades are banned in Australia.

  • Scotland 

On March 13, 1996 a gunman killed around 16 children and  teacher were killed after he walked into a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland and later on killed himself which resulted in the ban of Guns in Scotland. After, 2010-11 the ban resulted in 55% drop of homicides

So, these are few countries which have imposed Gun Ban or Countries where Guns are Illegal.

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Countries that ban guns

Countries with gun control vs countries without

After checking the list lets see the country where there is no gun ban.

  • The United States of America

In the reports, it has been clearly shown that America has the highest record of Gun homicides in an year. On average there are around 9000-10,000 gun homicides counts every year. In the year 1994 The US government passed “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act”. Its main provision was to ban Federal Assault Weapons which includes guns like pistols, semi automatic rifles, grenade launcher & shotguns etc. The Rule elapsed in 2004 till now there is now Guns ban Act in USA which is resulting devastating amount of Homicide attacks.


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