Best Snapchat tweaks Cydia

Best Snapchat tweaks Cydia

By: abhay12

Hello guys, today in this article we will talk about Snapchat tweaks Cydia. Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking app for the users of iPhone and iPad. Users use this app to send sms, photo & videos to their friends and relatives. They watch live stories and latest headlines from news channel to comedy channel. All in all its a fun a new ay to express yourself online by your smartphone and apart from that you can also Download Snapchat For PC Windows.

Best Snapchat tweaks Cydia

Snapchat tweaks without jailbreak

Recently, the company also introduced its brand new animated filters in competition with Instagram & Twitter which amazingly increased engagements of users and also made it even better to snap.

In latest version of Snapchat, jailbreak comes with a new tweak and they does not cause lockout.

SnapChat+ Cydia Jailbreak Phantom

Nowadays Phantom is one of the most popular tweaks update by Snapchat oriented jailbreak tweaks. This allows users to spoof location and snag coveted filters from places across the world. Snapchat+ is a new update to another central tweak and phantom update is on the way. This new tweak of Snapchat+ ward off the crackdown. Now you can use Snapchat+ to enjoy the app.

You need to add the following repo in your Cydia sources to add this new version. Repo is

If the repo is added than find version 1.2r-9 Snapchat+. This version will help users to avoid the lockout threat.

After other popular tweaks like Facebook Downgrader, Snapchat launched their new Snapchat tweak called AppPlus. These all were formerly called as Snapchat+.

SnapChat+ Cydia Jailbreak Phantom

Snapchat AppPlus Tweaks Features

Snapchat AppPlus comes with most amazing features, that the original app doesn’t contains.

These features are:

  • Auto or Manual saving of snaps
  • Take snap from lock screen
  • Upload photos and videos from albums
  • Save chat messages
  • Spoof settings
  • Disable snap chat countdown
  • Easy block of users
  • Location and Geo Spoofing
  • Save chatts to phone
  • Save to Snapchat vault
  • Disable view receipt
  • Increase the duration of video recording
  • Disable Discovery section

AppPlus for Snapchat work with the latest iOS 9 Jailbreak and new version of this app, this is the good news for users.

With jailbroken iOS 9 devices iPhone and iPad users can download this new tweak through Cydia by adding :

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