New Years Eve Countdown ideas

New Years Eve Countdown Ideas

By: abhay12

New years eve countdown ideas: New Year 2017 is around the corner and everyone is pretty damn excited about the New Year Eve and have been thinking New Years Eve Countdown Ideas. New Year Countdown ideas are the ways to countdown till the New Year arrives. Well, New Year is pretty much about fun and happiness with family and friends. So, it would be a great thing to be somewhat of creative this year by choosing the Best New Years Eve Countdown Ideas. Let’s check out some of them from the below given list.

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Best New Years Eve Countdown Ideas

  • Countdown Bags

Countdown Bags is a very interesting and fun activity which can be done with family and friends. In this, you simply fill the bags in which there will be ideas for what to do in each hour. Each hour one your friend or family member will open the bag and will tell what to do in the hour. Ideas can be playing any game, dancing &  singing etc. Whatever you like. Just a small tip, keep the best idea for the last hour.

Best New Years Eve Countdown Ideas

New Years Eve ideas

  • Find The Gifts

In Find the Gifts you and your friends will play a game in which you’ll have to hide the gifts in your apartment which will be found by your friends. Just give them the tip related to the place where you have hidden their gifts.

New Years Eve ideas

  • Guess Who?

This game is my favorite in this you, your friends and family play together a game in which you have to act out a person and your friends and family will try to guess the person you’re trying to act. The winner gets a gift like a muffin, pastry or something else.

New Years Eve ideas

  • Good Luck Grapes

Eating grapes on the New Year’s Midnight is said to be lucky. As they say “Do like the Spaniards do”. In this idea, you can thread 12 grapes on a skewer for each of your guests and serve them in a tall champagne flute.

New Years Eve ideas

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