Best Antivirus for Windows Phone

Best Antivirus for Windows Phone

By: abhay12

Microsoft’s Windows Phone were first launched in the year 2010, but the brand gain popularity in the market after the release of Windows 8 in the year 2012. Windows Operating System in mobile phones was first released by Nokia which was later bought by Microsoft. Although the devices are a bit low in the competition against their rivals OS  Android and iOs but the faith that Windows phone provides is the main reason that people buy them. Most of the time people look out for Antivirus for Lumia phone for which they should know that security for windows phone has been designed in that way that no third party can run viruses in them but for security of the windows phone virus check, there are some Best Antivirus for Windows Phone which we will tell you today.

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Free Virus Protection for Windows Phone

Although, Windows Phone are the most secured devices in the market currently but it still can be infected by various infections, Trojans, adware, exploits, worms, observing apparatuses, and spyware. That’s why we have provided some of the which provide free virus protection for windows phone.

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Free antivirus for windows phone

Some of the most effective and most downloaded free windows phone antivirus Lumia are given below:

1.) Norton Smartphone Security

Norton Smartphone Security is a very famous and renowned Symantec’s PC insurance utility. This software provides your Windows Mobile continuous assurance from various infections and a spam channel for SMS. The software is not available Windows Store, therefore, you will have to download it from Softonic or any other website.

windows phone security software

There are various choices for the infected files like (Log Only, Deny Access, Delete, or Quarantine) which assure 100% safety for your Lumia device. You can download the software from the below given download button.

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2.) AVG Family Safety (Free)

AVG Family Safety is a free software that assures 100% internet security to your mobile. This software is brilliantly made to protect your family browsing the internet from the Inappropriate destinations, Online tricks, Fraud, Phishing, malicious elements and data theft.  You can download the software from the below given download button.

windows phone antivirus lumia

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3.) NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NQ Mobile Security ensures safety to your mobile device from the various mobile dangers like malware, hackers, and infections, maintains the adequate velocity of your device too. Netqin performs various actions like infection checking, personal browsing, protective searching, and backup your contacts. You can download the software from the below given download button.

free virus protection for windows phone

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