ATB Blogger Template – WordPress Style Blogspot Theme Download

ATB Blogger Template – WordPress Style Blogspot Theme Download

By: abhay12

If you are looking for downloading ATB Blogspot theme, here is complete information about the demo of ATB Blogger template as well as download links for the wordpress style blogger theme. The ATB Blogger theme is one of the most searched blogspot theme on Internet and so here is what you need to know about the ATB blogger theme.

How to download ATB Blogspot Template?

To install ATB Blogger theme, follow these steps –

  1. Download the ATB blogger xml file.
  2. Go to
  3. Create a blogger blog.
  4. Choose a domain and do the basic blogspot setup.
  5. Now go to the blogger theme section.
  6. Click on Backup/Restore.
  7. Now in the popup, upload the following blogger template XML file.
  8. Go to layout section.
  9. Arrange widgets in the ATB blogspot theme to make your blogger blog look like the ATB theme demo page.

Download Links for ATB Blogger theme

  1. Download ATB Blogger template here –

ATB Blogger template features

  1. SEO optimized theme.
  2. Responsive theme.
  3. Super fast speed.
  4. Customization options.
  5. Auto Alt-Tag generation option.
  6. Sticky post options.

So download ATB Blogger template here and make your blogspot blog the next big blog.

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