How to apply for Adsense To Get Approved Easily?

How to apply for Adsense To Get Approved Easily?

By: Harshit Tandon

How to apply for adsense account? – This is one of those pretty tough questions you might ask as a beginner blogger because in your sense your way to apply for adsense account is perfect and your blog surely must get approved as you think. But it doesn’t get approved and so you then start searching for how to get adsense approved fast or how to apply for adsense to get guaranteed approval. But that doesn’t work. Why? Because applying for adsense doesn’t need an expertise, it just need proper way to follow and that’s it.

Some of the topics that will help you ahead –

  1. How does adsense work? –
  2. How much you can make from adsense? –
  3. What are some of the best adsense alternatives? –

But let’s think about those later and focus on our topic – How to apply for adsense account and get approved?

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Apply for Adsense Account – 3 ways to do it.

There are basically three ways that you can follow to apply for an adsense account. These three ways however are a little different than each other and the adsense account you get are too not same. There are some restrictions in first way and some issues with second. So let us better get to know which way you should choose to apply for the adsense account.

Apply for Adsense Using Blogger.

The first basic way of applying for adsense this one as you perhaps are focusing on creating a website and then monetize it using adsense. So yeah, the first basic website that you can make is a blog made through blogger which is a Google’s platform for blogging and is 100% free.

So what you do is this –

  1. Create a Google account.
  2. Go to Blogger.Com and login using your google account.
  3. Now create a blog for yourself.
  4. Choose a good title of blog, set your blogger subdomain name and select a theme. That’s it. It hardly takes more than 3-5 minutes in creating your blog.
  5. Now create some good content and try to generate traffic.
  6. Do a little SEO and make your posts get seen in search engines.
  7. Go to Adsense option in your blog dashboard and apply for adense using your blog.
  8. Wait for some time, may 1-3 weeks and you will get your adsense account approved easily.

Important points to consider – 

  1. The account that you get here shall be Hosted account and you can use it for Google platforms only and not on self hosted websites.
  2. You can apply for an adsense account only if your blog is more than six months older.
  3. You need to have a good theme and some search engine/social media traffic to get account approved fast.

Apply for Adsense Using Youtube.

To apply for adsense through youtube, you need to do follow these given steps.

  1. Go to youtube and create a Youtube channel for yourself.
  2. Now go to upload and upload a video.
  3. Make sure your video isn’t copyrighted by someone else.
  4. Now verify your mobile number.
  5. Go to Channel tap > Status and Features > Monetization.
  6. Apply and your youtube adsense account with get approved within 1 hour.

This account too is a hosted account and can’t be used to show ads on website hosted elsewhere than google.

Apply for Adsense Using Website

To apply for adsense using your website, follow these steps –

  1. Go to adsense sign up page.
  2. Make sure your websites meet these guidelines by Google before you apply for adsense account through your website.
  3. Now fill the application and make sure you use correct payee name and address as these are later verified.
  4. Wait for some days till you get your application’s response from Google.
  5. Get the ad code and apply it on your website.
  6. Once the ads start getting impression from legal traffic, your adsense accout shall get fully activated.

So these are ways you can create Adsense account and apply so that you can get it approved surely.

Need any more help? Please comment below with your query.

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