2000 Rs Note India Currency with Mangalyaan Logo Image

By: Harshit Tandon

2000 Rs Note India Currency with Mangalyaan Logo Image : Indian Government to release New 2000 Rs Note in India, with Mangalyaan Image embedded in the Currency This step taken by the Indian Government due to the reason that the Indian Government will be putting an end to all sorts of Black Money hidden in the country and outside.

This step is much appreciated by all the Indian Citizens and also by the oppositions This time rather all parties. However those who are not in favour are the ones whose black Money is still in their houses or some rat house.

The step to add Mangalyaan Image proves Modi’s Long sightedness and futuristic approach. His respect to technology will create a great impact on the society that now this era will respect innovation and skill than mocking, and politics.

There are many hopes By this Government that this govt will take all the corruption out of this country.

Features of new Rs. 2000 notes

In the new currency note of Rupees 2000 there will be an image of the Mangalyaan celebrating the success of India Mars mission. The note will also includes its following Identification Marks. The sizing of the note is 66mm x 166mm.

2000 Rs Note India Currency with Mangalyaan Logo Image

Thanks for 2000Rs Note – New 2000 Rupee Note Currency 

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